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Maybe you've heard: after six years I am switching off the pottery wheels and closing production for Speck and Stone. The decision was not an easy one and the little world I have built with you, me and the pottery I will really miss. I'm sorry for every order I could not fulfill and every email I missed. And most of all, I want to say thank you to each one of you who took the time out of your day to enquire and show interest, who purchased any one item, who wrote kinds words to me and who helped me grow as a potter and a business woman. These past six years of Speck and Stone really were extraordinary and precious and taught me more than I could have expected. Keep on buying those hand made pots; it means the world to us. And until next time, my friends! Hannah. X

(Each piece is hand thrown in small batches and with great care. The wares celebrate minimalist forms, textured glaze, and a hearty weight in hand. Above all, they are inspired by what Hannah wants in her home and on her table; timeless, functional and beautiful to look at.)