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The story so far

My little sister brought home the box of loot she had made in her pottery course.


She pulled out this speckled, lopsided mug with a ridiculously exaggerated handle and a dirty white glaze. It was too big to be used as a mug but too small to be used as a bowl. My mother has put it to use as the quirky gravy dish for the family table. It's full of character and durability that is a match for the crazy family gathering that is fourteen people and counting.



I fell in love with that mug at the same time as I was falling out of love with my plan of becoming a musical composer. So, inspired by my sister, the next summer I enrolled in a pottery course. After making five very, very bad dishes I was somehow confident and naive enough to think that I was going to have a career of making pots. I didn't have a wheel. I didn't have a plan. I didn't have a clue. But I did know that I could and that I would try my hardest at perfecting the beautiful craft. So I dropped out of conservatory and then proceeded to email (beg) local potters to let me mop their floors, clean, and unload their kilns to watch them work. Rosemary Arthur of New Dundee Pottery was my reply and with open arms she took me under her wings for the next couple of years. I started finding an aesthetic and a craft that I was proud to show off. People started showing interest in my work and enquiring to purchase. So in 2014 I decided to take the big step and put my pieces out into world for you to see and for you to hopefully make good use of. 



Hand thrown in Hamilton

Each piece is thrown on my wheel and dipped into hand mixed glaze's in my Hamilton studio. I mainly use grey stoneware and mid porcelain clay bodies but have recently started to venture into terra cotta ware. I am definitely (and evidently) inclined to neutral glaze with matte finishes and I have a deep appreciation and fascination for textures that make each pot beautiful to touch as well as to look at.

Inspired by natural elements like rock, salt, sand, smoke and lava, I hope to always be discovering and evolving with new forms and collections. 


– Hannah Slade –